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87 Music LTD is a multifaceted company founded by Matt Brooks (Session Musician/Musical Director) servicing the needs of the music industry through Musical Direction, Band Fixing, Performance Coaching and Project Management

Although 87 Music is a newly formed company, we have been working in the music industry since 2013 and have gone from one person (Matt) working as a session musician to a company, working with major label artists in the capacity of Musical Director/Band Fixer for Touring/Sessions/TV Performances/Promo and working with new label artists developing their live shows and overseeing the live project from start to finish. 

As the amount of projects we’re involved in has increased, so has our roster of musicians and singers. Having already acquired an extensive roster of musicians and singers, we now have all kinds of instrumentalists on our books that we can supply for your project and make sure you have both a professional and pleasurable experience. 

So… if you’re looking for help taking your artist’s live show to the next level by bringing in a band, need help bringing some direction to an already existing band, need musicians for promo/TV work or want your project overseen, you’ve come to the right place… 87 Music “In the pocket… Off the hook!”

Clients Include: Meghan Trainor | Nicole Scherzinger | Rejjie Snow | Chlöe Howl | Matt Wills | Allie X | Tayá | ASHA & more…

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Take your live show to the next level

87 Music provide everything you need to give your artist’s live show an exciting and professional edge. 

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Everything you need to put on a great show

Our Services

We offer a wide range of musical and production services to help take your live show to the next level.

Musicial Direction
  • Work to the brief of management/label
  • Build a team of musicians and direct them
  • Rehearse the band
  • Arrange deps to fill in for any band members that can’t make a show/multiple shows
  • Create live arrangements of the artist’s songs
  • Source stems/recreate stems from scratch
  • Handle the programming for live playback/backing tracks
  • Build a playback rig to meet the needs of the artist
  • Create a dynamic set list and song order
  • Arrange acoustic versions of songs for acoustic sessions
  • Create budgets that work for all parties
  • Manage the band diary ensuring that everyone is aware of shows with as much notice as possible
Building the Team

For some artists, choosing a band can be all about the look, all about the sound or all about the feel (or a combination of the three). Here at 87 Music, we work with management/artist’s to bring musicians, engineers and tour managers onboard who meet the needs of the project (from their ability to execute their job well to their personalities – which is very important when you’re on tour). 

The sound is always the most important part; however the look, vibe and team dynamic is also very important (especially if you’re going to be living with them on a tour bus for 2 months) so when building a team, we choose people who sound and look the part and can deliver both on and off the stage.

Programming / Playback

The use of live backing tracks in popular music is essential to allow the live performance to sound like the record, but with a live edge. We use the latest Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and where possible, work with a sound engineer to get the best possible sound that will be consistent from show to show and venue to venue. 

However with this said, at 87 Music, we don’t believe that a band should be reliant on playback and one thing I’ve learned is that playback or no playback; the show MUST go on. When we work with a band we get each musician to cover as much of their parts as possible so they are performing and also so the show doesn’t just sound live but looks live too.


While labels, managers and artists like to keep their music as true to the record as possible, it is often necessary to arrange the music in a way that gives the songs a live edge and excitement. This is done without changing the feel and (for all intents and purposes) remixing the song but rather, tailoring sounds, tweaking the arrangement and/or removing/adding parts. 

Every musical arrangement should serve the song which in turn serves the set making for a great live show.

Onstage Branding

How many times have you been to a gig, seen an amazing support act but immediately forgotten their name? In this day and age, it takes more than great music to leave a lasting impression and in a time when branding is so important, it’s hard to understand why artists don’t brand their stages. Let me work with you to create a visually stimulating onstage branding experience. 

From Bass Drum Logo Heads and Neon Lights (in the name of the artist) to Album/Tour Branded Props, 87 Music can help you bring the artist’s branding to the stage for maximum visual impact and bring life to every stage the artist sets foot on. In a time where what you see is just as important as what you hear, don’t miss the opportunity to really WOW your audience!

Band Fixing

Let’s face it. Finding good musicians is easy. However, GOOD, PROFESSIONAL, PERSONABLE and PUNCTUAL musicians is where things can get tricky. 87 Music has all kinds of musicians on file, from music uni leavers to seasoned musicians who have resumes that boast some of the biggest names in 21st century Pop and they can be available for you and your project today.

Whether you’re an artist manager that needs musicians to audition to be in the band for one of your artists, or whether you need musicians for Music Videos, TV shows, Acoustic Sessions or Dep (fill in) musicians for a band member; we can point you in the direction of someone who suits your needs musically, aesthetically, stylistically and with the right personality to gel with your team and the right equipment (and know how) to get the job done.


We will work with you to create a budget for the musical side of the project that is in line with the stage the project is at whilst still meeting the needs of all parties involved. 

From gig fees to travel days and PD’s (per diem) to any equipment that the artist needs to help deliver a great live show.


Some of the clients we have worked with / supplied musicians for…


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